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Strap yourself in and get ready for a good belly laugh!

Windy will create a fun, entertaining and above all successful event for all your guests to enjoy. Windy Wizard has a wide repertoire of humorous acts to satisfy all ages. He is a master of comical clowning, mystical magic, jester juggling, sky-high stilt walking, baffling balloon sculpting, puppetry and trick bike riding and many other fun and entertaining skills

For over 20 years he has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable and versatile entertainers in the industry. Windy easily reads and relates to the audience and delivers a show tailored to your guests.
Due to his easy going nature coupled with his professional standards and high business reputation you are sure to have an event to remember!
Windy also has his own tour bus for his equipment, transport and accommodation and a home to Stewie the live rabbit!

Magical family fun shows, roving entertainment, street theatre, practical jokes, uni-cycling, and "Simply Having Fun" is what Windy is all about.

Book Windy Wizard for your next event! Send Windy an email below, or give him a call on 0413 12 8888
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Windy Wizard Enterprises Pty Ltd

Phone: 0413 12 8888

A.B.N. 98 120 433 392
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